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Facts about legionella in aerosols

By installing water saving showers, the hot water consumption can be reduced by up to 50%. However, some people seem to be concerned about that these types of products may spread Legionella in aerosols. To clarify the matter and to crush any ill-founded rumours, we have made a review about recent Legionella research. You can read the result of the investigation by following the link below.


Aerosols, which are small and volatile water droplets are created when water is pressed through the small strainer holes of the shower. Therefore, all showers produce aerosols. It is also worth mentioning that regular showers without the mixing of air into the water jet are overrepresented in Legionella cases where people have inhaled Legionella infested aerosols.


ELLESS water saving showers do not produce more aerosols than other showers. In fact, they may even produce less aerosols due to their lower water consumption. Our showers also have large holes that will reduce the production of inhalable aerosols.


For advice about how to avoid Legionella, see page 3 in the document below.


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