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Care instructions for aerators

To maintain the water saving and rinsing properties, make sure the water- and air ducts are fully open!

Cleaning instructions

All of ELLESS® aerators  are provided with a dirt filter between the mixing spout and the aerator (except LSP-22 and 23 that have their dirt filters between the aerator and the swivel). Dirt/filth may gather here. Disassemble the aerator and remove the dirt.

The aerator will remain in good function if the strainer is carefully brushed every now and then. Use a soft brush while letting the water flow.

In areas with much lime, the aerator can be soaked in vinegar for a couple of minutes up to an hour. After reassembling the  aerator, carefully brush its strainer with a soft brush while letting the water flow.


Another way is to fill a spray bottle with vinegar and spray the outside of the strainer every now and then. Brush with a soft brush after a couple of minutes. Easy and environment-friendly!


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